Thank you for choosing the MOT Charter School, a school committed to the quality education and the academic achievement of each individual child.

What is a charter school?

MOT Charter School is an independent, tuition-free public school, serving students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The “charter” establishing each school is a contract, which states the school’s mission, program and measurable goals. Charter schools are different from traditional public schools in that they can only remain open as long as they deliver the results that they promise. MOT Charter School is authorized by the State Department of Education, and is accountable to our authorizer, parents and the public.

In Delaware, charter schools play a critical role in our public education system – in 1995, the charter school law was passed with the goal of increasing choices for families and raising the academic performance of all Delaware schools. Currently, charter schools are the educational choice for over 10% of Delaware’s public school students.

Where do charter schools get money to operate?

Delaware’s charter schools get operating money from the state as well as from local school districts. Funding is allocated based on the number of students enrolled. However, Delaware currently does not provide money for charter school facilities, so each school must find and pay for its own building. While we understand that all money is tight in Delaware, our charter schools on average receive at least $3000 less per pupil than our district counterparts. Most of this is due to the capital funding piece. (source: Charter Network of Delaware)

MOT Charter School was founded in 2002 as a public charter school. The curriculum is designed to emphasize problem solving, and our goal is to prepare students to be creative, intuitive, and analytical thinkers. MOT Charter is committed to meeting the needs of each and every student–regardless of where they are on the learning continuum. The configuration of the school is designed to offer a public school experience in a small school setting. The vision includes parents who are welcomed into a partnership with the staff and administration. This enables parents to become an active, integral part of their child’s academic, and MOT Charter School’s, success. The founders are committed to choice in public education and strongly believed in building-level leadership.

Mission & Philosophy

MOT Charter School provides a challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment where all children learn and flourish. By utilizing diverse teaching strategies and exposing students to a wide variety of educational experiences, we ensure that each child participates in, understands, and enjoys learning.

At MOT Charter School:

  • A strong school community enables every child to reach his or her academic potential.
  • Character development and personal responsibility form the basis for learning.
  • Students are empowered and expected to be accountable for their own learning.
  • Parents are invited and expected to be actively engaged in their children’s education.