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High School: PSATs @ MOT Charter High School
Oct 13 @ 7:30 am – 12:30 pm

All 9th (Freshman) and 12th (Seniors) will have a CYBER DAY. Students will work from home on assignments provided through Schoology.  More details will be posted in the upcoming weeks on Schoology from teachers and the HS administration.

All 10th graders, and 11th Graders who registered in August, will have the opportunity to take the PSAT, during school on Wednesday, October 13th.

Non-testing Juniors who did not sign up to take the PSAT will work as a Cyber Day from home and complete the work assigned that day by their teachers. For more details please check Schoology.

Need to Know:

During test administration, students will not be able to access their bags. All cell phones, smart watches, etc. must be turned off and placed in their bag. All bags will be placed outside of each testing room.
Test Time: 7:25 AM – 12:30 PM
Pencils: Students must bring two (2) sharpened #2 pencils
Calculator: The math portion of the PSAT has both a calculator allowed and calculator not allowed section.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring a calculator with them for the portion on which it is allowed.  Scientific and graphing calculators (like those normally used in their math classes) are allowed.  Please check to make sure your child has an appropriate calculator for testing.  An extra set of batteries is also a good idea.  If a student does not bring a calculator with them, they will still take all portions of the math PSAT.  MOT is unable to provide calculators for students that do not bring one.

Arrival – Once testing begins, students cannot be admitted late into the testing room.  Please make sure to arrive on time

After testing, students will eat last lunch and then receive further information about the rest of their day.

Test Results: Online scores will be available in January.

The PSAT allows you:
– To open the door to college
– To prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT
– To begin the college search
– To get feedback on how to improve academically
– To explore college majors and careers
– To predict success in Advanced Placement courses.

All 10th grade students are expected to participate in the free PSAT administration. Students can learn more about and practice for the upcoming test by visiting collegeboard.org or khanacademy.org. Please contact the High School office if you have any questions.



High School: SAT & Cyber-day @ MOT Charter High School
Oct 13 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
High School: SAT & Cyber-day @ MOT Charter High School | Middletown | Delaware | United States

Wednesday, October 13th is a CYBERDAY for ALL FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, AND JUNIORS. This will allow any members of the Senior class who did NOT take the SAT in the Spring of 2021 to have a quiet school with minimal distractions while taking their SAT test.

Seniors- please get a good night’s rest and have a great breakfast, making sure you get to school on time and prepared to rock the SAT – buses will run as normal for the Senior class on this day.

SAT Resources

All students must supply their own calculator.  Many bring a second calculator or an extra set of batteries.  The calculators used by students in their math class are usually acceptable.  A complete list of approved calculators can be found at the link below.  Read through the information about calculator usage and then scroll down to the Brands and Models section to select the brand of your child’s calculator and confirm that it is acceptable for use with College Board assessments.  Students must also bring multiple, sharpened, non-mechanical, #2 pencils.