Our High School students did an amazing job competing in the 2016 Delaware Science Olympiad held last Saturday at the Delaware State University campus.

This year, we had two teams comprised of 29 students – 16 freshmen and 13 sophomores – members included:
• Team 51C = Francis Alvarez, Viktoria Brown, Donik Devaja, April Dy-Reyes, Shannon Hanggodo, Isabella Hawlk, Elena Ikeocha, Emmanuel Ikeocha, Tia Lidowski, Kiran Manisubbu, Rajan Mann, Mary Rairigh, Vishnusundar Somasundaram, Jaana Tabalon
• Team 52C = Jarrett DeBenedictis, Kaitlyn Flowers, John Freeland, Laura Freeland, Iyanu Osundina, Kieran Puffer, Stephanie Ross, Shachi Shah, Zaha Shahdad, Abieshek Subramaniam, Angela Tran, John Tucker, Zeynep Tuncer, Nick Ulizio, Zach Zipf
• Coaches = John Scali & Subramaniam Singaravelu
• Assistant Coach = Samuel Ross

The students earned the following recognition across the 2 teams (competing against many juniors/seniors from other schools):
• 2nd place in Electric Vehicle (Jaana Tabalon)
• 4th place in Bridge Building (Abieshek Subramaniam and Nick Ulizio)
• 4th place in Disease Detectives (Iyanu Osundina and Zach Zipf)
• 4th place in Robot Arm (Stephanie Ross and Abieshek Subramaniam)
• 5th place in Protein Modeling (Elena Ikeocha and Rajan Mann)
• 6th place in Disease Detectives (Viktoria Brown and Vishnusundar Somasundaram)
• 6th place in Geologic Mapping (Kieran Puffer and Zach Zipf)
• 6th place in It’s About Time (Shachi Shah and Zach Zipf)
• 7th place in Anatomy & Physiology (Viktoria Brown and Donik Devaja)
• 8th place in Electric Vehicle (Stephanie Ross and John Tucker)
• 9th place in Wright Stuff (Kiran Manisubbu and Rajan Mann)
• 10th place in Fossils (John Freeland and Laura Freeland)

Special congratulations to Zach Zipf (class of 2019) who medaled in all 3 of his events.

In addition to all the awards, the students showed a lot of spirit at the awards ceremony. These two teams not only worked together throughout the training, buy cheered each other on during the competitions. A win on one of our teams was a win for MOT and was cheered and applauded by students across both of our teams. Wins from competitors from other schools were also celebrated in a manner that showed respect for the hard work and dedication of their peers across the state. Coaches from other schools pointed out to Dr. Scali that MOT not only made a statement with the number of events in which we placed, but also how supportive our students were of each other and of other teams. We are so proud of the way they represented both themselves and our school!

Go Mustangs!!!