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Welcome To MOT Charter High School PTO!

The MOT Charter School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is organized exclusively to support the educational activities and facilities of the MOT Charter High School. All parents or guardians of MOT Charter students, teachers and staff of the school are automatically members of the MOT PTO and are encouraged to participate in the PTO activities. The PTO hosts various fundraising activities throughout the year to raise money to support the school, students and teachers. Other fun activities are also hosted by the PTO to support and encourage a sense of community throughout our school.

For the PTO to be effective and represent the school, everyone’s participation is essential. We thank you in advance for taking your time to volunteer at MOT Charter School – to volunteer for an upcoming event, please click the VolunteerSpot link above.

Executive Committee

To contact us please email:

Sue Toms 
President Responsibilities
Serve as leader and key contact for the PTO; preside at all PTO meetings; ex-officio member of most committees; appoint chairpersons for special committees; coordinate the work of the board and committees so that the PTO's objectives can be met. (Effort: year-round, on-going)
Dawn Carden
Vice President, Administration Responsibilities
Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that office to serve; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board; coordinate the general activities of any Special Committees. (Effort: year-round, time varies depending upon activities)
Kara Cumiskey
Vice President, Membership Responsibilities
Preside at meetings in the absence of President and VP, Administration; recruits and manages the volunteer schedule for all PTO activities; maintains membership list; provides reminders via email, social media and print of meetings, motivates and leads volunteers to service. (Effort: 3-4 hours per month, on average)
Jen Zipf & Carol Winward 
Treasurer Responsibilities
Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; make disbursements as properly authorized; be present at all PTO events where money will be collected; assure that PTO policies and best practices are follows with regards to funds; prepare financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepare the books for an annual audit. (Effort: 4-5 hours per month, average)
Meredith Sullivan & Nina Friedlander
Recording Secretary Responsibilities
Keep the minutes of all general meetings and all meeting of the Executive Board; prepare correspondence and perform all other duties assigned; maintain master documents for website; keep the calendar of events for the PTO. (Effort: 3-4 hours per month, includes attending meetings and typing up minutes)
Natacha Baptiste
Correspondence Secretary Responsibilities
Communicate with faculty and staff regarding PTO related activities; maintain PTO social media and website activity; maintain positive relationships with donors, assume responsibility of meeting minutes, in the absence of the Recording Secretary. (Effort: 3-4 hours per month, includes meetings)
Shawn Selby
Fundraising & Event Planning Responsibilities
Plan events for students and faculty, such as dances, proms, teacher appreciation lunches, school spirit activities. Secure volunteers and donations as needed to support these events. Lead PTO fundraising activities which benefit the needs of the High School.

Click on the Position Title to see a description of responsibilities.

High School PTO Mission Statement

The mission of the MOT Charter High School PTO is to work in tandem with the teachers and administrators of the MOT Charter High School to create opportunities, both academically and socially, for our children by promoting and encouraging interactions between students, parents, faculty and the community. It is the goal of the PTO to both enhance and support the school and its students through fundraising; promotion of social activities; and help facilitate a sense of camaraderie among the student body. We will actively collaborate with the students, faculty and community to support these goals.

Meeting & Financial Reporting

Find out what your PTO has been working on and what is planned for the future. Access any of the meeting minutes and financials, which will be posted as they become available for this school year, by clicking the links below:




September 2017


2016-17 Financials

2015-16 Financials

Nominations Procedure & Online Form Link

Draft available upon request, will be voted on by PTO Executive Committee after elections.