Welcome to the MOT Charter School’s Academy of Science & Technology

The Academy of Science and Technology was created to serve the needs of students who live in lower New Castle County and want to pursue a STEM-centric, yet highly competitive, high school academic program. We are proud to offer the following course concentrations:


This 3 year major begins with an introductory unit in 9th grade integrated science on defining and exploring biotechnology. In subsequent years students will study Biomedical Technology, Food Science Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology. Students will have opportunities for action research and to participate in university research studies. At the end of this course of study, students will be prepared to pursue a college major which best fits their area of interest in biotechnology or a related field.


This 4 year major begins with foundational programming and application design. Students will begin working in HTML & Python, ultimately mastering Java while working towards the AP Computer Science Exam. Students will complete junior and senior level projects related to their specific area of interest in programming and applications.

Digital Communications Portfolio Rubric


This 4 year major begins with foundations in solid modeling and engineering design. Over the course of study students will explore topics in biotechnical engineering, structural engineering and aerospace. The overall goal of this major is to become active problem solvers and collaborative team members in the process of researching and “engineering away” problems.