Welcome to the MOT Charter School’s Academy of the Arts

The Academy of Arts was created to serve the needs of students who live in lower New Castle County and want to pursue an art-infused, yet highly competitive, high school academic program. We are proud to offer the following Majors in the Arts:


This 4 year major focuses on the creation of digital multi-media. Graphic design, journalism, audio productions and video productions are included in the study of digital communications. Students study both the art and the digital tools necessary to successfully create and manage digital media.



Art Portfolio Rubric

Art Portfolio Rubric

This 4 year major focuses on the study and application of the elements of design in varied media. Studio work moves from drawing, painting and printmaking to opportunities for photography, digital artwork, costume & set-design. Students may focus on their specific areas of interest in preparation for their senior capstone projects.


This 4 year major focuses on the development of a performer’s background knowledge and understanding of their art, as well as increased skills in their selected medium:

Dance Audition Rubric

Dance Audition Rubric

* Dance: Based in Ballet technique, ensemble and solo work and encompassing classical vocabulary and history, students will advance their skills in a variety of dance.

* Theater: Founded on the building of performers who are confident risk-takers. Participation in a strong ensemble builds to include later opportunities for character studies and directing.

* Vocal Music: Participation in chorus and solo work while studying music theory & history. Students develop their voice as their instrument and increase their skills and expand their repertoire.

* Instrumental Music: Participation in a variety of ensembles and solo work, while studying music theory and music history. Students expand their range of techniques, performance skills and repertoire.