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MOT Charter High School’s Handbook outlines the rules and expectations for appropriate conduct in our school. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: academic, attendance, dress code, bus safety, technology use, health & safety policies; and details the consequences for infractions. The handbook is required by state law and is intended to promote a positive learning environment and safe schools. We ask that all parents/guardians review this information with their student in order to promote understanding and compliance.

School Hours

Doors open for students at 7:15am. Students report directly to their first block class (Period 1 on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Period 5 on Tuesday/Thursday); there is no separate home room. Students are marked late and must be signed in by a parent if they arrive after 7:25 am.

Last period ends at 2:25 pm at which time the students are dismissed to buses, cars and after school activities. Buses leave the property promptly at 2:30 pm. No student may be in the building or on the campus after hours unless they are being supervised in a school activity, club or sport. The high school building closes at 4:30 pm. All students must be picked up at this time.


While we expect that each student will, to his/her best ability, aspire to meet each and every conduct standard; violations of certain standards will by their nature generate an automatic response by the school. This response may include written warnings, conference with parents/guardian, imposition of logical consequences, and suspension from school. The particular facts and circumstances of a violation will dictate the consequence that is imposed.  For a detailed explanation of Discipline Consequences, please refer to pages 32-35 in the Family Handbook.

Student Fees & Supplies

Each of the students at MOT Charter High School is issued a school laptop in an effort to being an environmentally-friendly, paper-free institution.

Students are required to:

  • Sign a Technology contract, along with their parent/guardian, which outlines school procedures and expectations for school laptop use.
  • Purchase the yearly insurance for the school issued laptop.
  • Purchase a school-issued case for their laptop.
  • Purchase a basic set of materials in order to help them succeed in their chosen academy.

Families pay the annual laptop fee (and purchase a case if needed) when students pickup their laptop during Back-to-School Open House the Monday prior to the start of school.

For the 2016-2017 School Year, the Sports Participation fees are $150 per student, per sport. The fee is used to offset cost of: team jersey, transportation, equipment, officiating fees, and insurance.

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Schoology is a dynamic learning management solution (LMS) designed to give faculty and students the ability to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, grade, annotate student work, and give feedback anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

For parents, Schoology allows 24-7 access to view student registration, scheduling, attendance, assignment, and grade information; as well as a method to easily communicate with faculty.

Once you have received your log in information, follow the initial Login instructions to setup your account – or if you already have an account, visit MOT Schoology.

Dress Code

In order to keep students focused on academics, MOT Charter requires the following dress code:

  1. Long sleeve shirts (of any color) may not stick out from under short sleeves.  Both long and short sleeve school polos are available for purchase from Rush Uniform.
  2. Dress code includes the wearing of school fleeces, school sweaters and vests.  The fleece outwear is part of the uniform-compliant items you can purchase from Rush to allow students to have temperature control and still be compliant. Other outerwear, including spirit wear/team sweatshirts, denim jackets, etc. is not permitted. School fleeces must be worn appropriately, as a jacket and not in the front (like a snuggy).
  3. Only school dress code items are permissible during the school day.  Spirit wear t-shirts/hoodies may only be worn at sports practices.  Students may wear a school spirit t-shirt for PE class, but they may not be worn at other times in the building except on dress down days.

Rush Uniform Online Ordering

IMPORTANT: To ensure delivery of your order before each school year begins in mid-August, it is recommended you place your order with Rush Uniform BEFORE the end of May.

Order Forms for Rush Uniform Store purchases Rush Spirit Wear image

If you prefer not to order online:

  • Complete the Boys and/or Girls Uniform Order Form(s) and bring form with you to the Rush Uniform Store off Route 13 in New Castle, Delaware.
  • Rush also offers dress code compliant outerwear and Spirit Wear