At MOT Charter K-8 Academy, students come ready to learn and leave ready to lead.  Our school provides a challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment where all children learn and flourish. By utilizing diverse teaching strategies and exposing students to a wide variety of educational experiences, we ensure that each child participates in, understands, and enjoys learning.

At MOT Charter School …  

  • A strong school community enables every child to reach his or her academic potential.
  • Character development and personal responsibility form the basis for learning.
  • Students are empowered and expected to be accountable for their own learning.
  • Parents are invited and expected to be actively engaged in their children’s education.

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MOT Charter Basics

MOT Charter K-8 Academy is a single story, 75,000 square foot building situated on a beautiful 17+ acres on the west side of Middletown.  In 2012, we completed a new addition that houses a 10,000 sq. ft. gymnasium, a library and 2 additional classrooms.

  • 29 Regular Classrooms
  • Library, Art Room, Music Room
  • Middle School Science Lab
  • Middle and Lower School Computer Labs
  • Cafeteria


Gender Home District Ethnicity

52% Boys 85% Appoquinimink 80% Caucasian
48% Girls 5% Christina 10% African American
5% Colonial 5% Asian
5% Other 5% Other






School Year:

Mid-August to early-June (180 school days)


8:25 am – 3:30 pm


15 buses serve the Middletown, Odessa & Townsend areas as well as hub stops at People’s Plaza and the Fox Run Shopping Center.


MOT Charter K-8 Academy serves 675 students
•  3 classes per grade
•  25 students per class

Stats & Facts:

•  More than 300 of the 675 students participate in after school activities
•  95% of MOT Charter K-8 Academy students ride the bus to school
•  65% of the students have a sibling attending MOT Charter School

Where have MOT Charter 8th Graders chosen to go to high school?
– 1/3 Public District High School
– 1/3 Charter or Private School
– 1/3 Vo-tech School