PLEASE NOTE: Submission of this form will generate a follow-up email and/or phone call to the parent/guardian on record in the Student's school file.

Parents & Guardians may use this form to report a Student's Absence, Late Arrival or DAILY Dismissal Change from school, in accordance with the process and policies outlined in the Family Handbook, which governs the use of this electronic form. 

  • •  Requests for early dismissal or extended absences must be made in advance.
  • •  Absent notes must be submitted within five (5) days of the student's return to school or the absence will be recorded as unexcused.
  • •  Transportation changes can only be made for ONE specific day for each form submitted.
    •   º  If you require a permanent transportation change, please complete the Transportation Change Form and return via fax to 302-376-5120 or                                      email:  For questions, contact the office at 302-376-5125.


    Student's Legal First Name (required)

    Student's Legal Last Name (required)

    Student's Grade (required)

    Student's Homeroom Teacher (required)

    Parent/ Guardian Name (required)

    Email (required)

    Phone (required)

    Starting Date (required)

    Ending Date (required)

    Please indicate reason for parent notification (required)
    AbsenceLate ArrivalEarly DismissalChange from Bus to Car RiderChange from Car to Bus Rider

    For Early Dismissal what time will the student be picked up?

    For Early Dismissal or change to Car Rider, who will pick up student (if under 18)

    Reason for Absence/ Late Arrival/ Early Dismissal (for Transportation change mark "N/A" (required)

    NOTE: If your student will be absent due to a Doctor/ Dentist visit, a note from the Physician's Office should be submitted. For your convenience, you can scan and upload an electronic copy now or have your student submit it to the front desk upon his/ her arrival back at school.

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