The MOT Middle School Science Olympiad Team competed, against over 50 other Middle School team, this past Saturday (March 19th) at Delaware State University. Team members competing at the event included:

8th Graders: Apuroop Mutyala, Daniel Tapel, Dylan Huang, Heirhan Borjigin, Natalie Schmidt, Sarah Harbeson, Shreya Bathula, Vani Parthiban, & Zoya Ahmed

7th Graders: Aman Singh, Danielle DeBenedictis, Pranav Penaganti, & Suhas Bolledula

6th Grader: David Harbeson & Daniel Willis

In addition to the event wins listed below, MOT students achieved several notable accomplishments, including:

  1. Vani Parthiban, who took on the challenge of competing in 4 events, became the first MOT student to medal in all 4 of her events!

  2. David Harbeson and Daniel Willis became the first 6th grades to medal in all three of their events.

  3. The 2016 MOT Team as a whole became the first team where EVERY MEMBER of the team won a medal!

Join us in celebrating another remarkable effort by all our students who won medals in their events (note: the top 10 places win medals in the different categories):

  • 10th place in Air Trajectory: Shreya Bathula & Aman Singh

  • 5th place in Anatomy and Physiology: Vani Parthiban & Shreya Bathula

  • 7th place in Bio Process Lab: Dylan Huang & Shreya Bathula

  • 6th place in Bottle Rockets: Apu Mutyala & Heirhan Borjigin

  • 10th place in Crave the Wave: Daniel Tapel & Heirhan Borjigin

  • 2nd place in Disease Detectives: Vani Parthiban & Zoya Ahmed

  • 8th place in Dynamic Planet: Danielle DeBenedictis & Natalie Schmidt

  • 6th place in Experimental Design (an event that allowed 3 teammates to compete together): Danielle DeBenedictis, Pranav Penaganti & Suhas Bolledula

  • 10 place in Green Generation: Vani Parthiban & Pranav Penaganti

  • 4th place in Invasive Species: Vani Parthiban & Natalie Schmid

  • 8th place in Reach for the Stars: Daniel Tapel & Dylan Huang

  • 2nd place in Picture This: Daniel Willis & David Harbeson

  • 6th place in Road Scholar: Sarah Harbeson & David Harbeson

  • 6th place in Scrambler: Aman Singh & Daniel Willis

  • 6th place in Wind Power: Daniel Willis & David Harbeson