Edward B. Southworth, IV
Head of School
Terry Howarth
Principal, K-8 Academy
Meryl Hewett
Business Manager
Mitch Weiss, Ed. D.
Director of Student Services
Alice Agostinelli
Special Needs Resource
Nora Andrews
Paula Baker
Brianna Barkus
7th/8th Grade Science
Kitwan Baughn
Cafeteria Manager
Joseph Baynard
Physical Education
Christine Benedict
1st Grade
Michele Benedict
1st Grade
Lori Cabatingan
3rd Grade
Jenna Camponelli
Director of Special Education
Carrie Chen
Speech Therapist
Amy Cromer
Special Education
Rachael Dallas
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Deputy
1st Grade
Rebecca Dooling
Administrative Assistant
Dena Duncan
Technology Support
Chanel Duphily
Safety Supervisor
Sharan Duren
7th/8th Special Ed.
Janet Elston
Financial Administrator
Daniel Farren
5th Grade Science
Denise Fish
Miggs Gemmato
Special Education
Erin Goodwin
Ellen Greene
Administrative Assistant
Christina Hancock
3rd Grade Teacher
Julie Harbeson
4th Grade Teacher
Janine Harris
3rd Grade
Stephanie Hassig
Tara Hickman
Administrative Assistant
Maggie Hilario
1st Grade
Lauren Hoskins
1st Grade
Stephanie Hurst
Leslie Huffman
Special Education
Stacie Husted
2nd Grade
Trish Irons
7th & 8th Grade Writing
Shyra Jackson
School Counselor
Luther Jennings
Facilities Director
Sarah Killingsworth
Kindergarten Teacher
April Lomas
Educational Diagnostician
Christine Low
K/1st Grade Special Ed.
Lisa Marsey
2nd Grade
Nicole Michelitch
7/8 Social Studies Teacher
Mark Moore
Dean of Students
Shana Noll
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Sara O’Neill
Special Education
Amanda Parks
4th Grade Science
Andrea Popham
Math Resource
Lisa Porter
Jessica Priester, Ed.D
6th Grade Science
Craig Prucyk
Technology Coordinator
Kaitlyn Quinn
4th Grade Teacher
Stephanie Rowe
Art Teacher
Marie Saylor
1st Grade
Melissa Schlee
2nd Grade
Chris Sharp
4th Grade Math
Nicole Squitiere
6th Grade Social Studies
Heather Stevenson
Cathy Swalm
6th Grade Math
Jennifer Taylor
7th/8th Grade Reading, Board Chairperson
Beth Twitchell
Kristy Walsh
2nd Grade
Heather Wharton
Don Whitaker
7th/8th Grade Math
Brian Whitehead
7th/8th Grade STEM
Laura Williams
2nd/3rd Grade Inclusion
Rebecca Wittman
Music Teacher
nurse, forms
Marisa Morgan
Special Education & Learning Support
nurse, forms
Madeline Kennedy
Special Education & Learning Support