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June 3, 2016


Today the school came together for a very heartfelt celebration honoring Mrs. Jennings; it is hard to believe how fast this school year flew by. Thank you to parents who came to our field trip yesterday to Wicked ‘R ranch. We made lots of great end-of-year memories!





*If you haven’t turned in any library books please return them on Monday, thanks


May 27th, 2016


We had a great field trip this week to see The Stinky Cheese Man; thanks to parents who traveled to Philadelphia with us to see this hilarious musical! Here’s a look at some of our other activities:

SCIENCE: we learned about liquid properties. Explore the liquids in your home with your child and ask what properties they have: foamy? bubbly? transparent? viscous (slow to pour)? Have your child pour water from different types of containers and discuss how the liquids change shape J

MATH: we completed some end of the year assessments and continued working with number combinations

GUIDED READING/WRITING: We completed working on mental imaging skills using the following books and poems: Flossie and the Fox; The Salamander Room; Popsicle; Green Giant. We also started reading about cowboys and ranching in preparation for our field trip to the ranch next week.


PHONICS: we worked on words that contain the sounds kn- and aw/au/ough



  • $3 for pizza lunch on the last day of school was due today. Please send it in if you haven’t done so, thanks
  • No school May 30th – Happy Memorial Day!
  • Field trip to Wicked ‘R ranch – Thursday, June 2nd
  • All school library books are due by June 3rd


May 20, 2016


Thank you to families who came to celebrate Spring Fine Arts Night 80s style! Here’s a look at some of our other activities this week:

SCIENCE: we started our Solids and Liquids unit by observing solids. We sorted solids by their properties, then made structures with them based on what we knew about these properties.

MATH: this week we worked on making combinations and word problems

PHONICS: we practiced discriminating between the sounds of “oo” ( goo vs. foot, for ex.) and also practiced reading words with ou/ow in them.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: We practiced mental images when reading by using the following books: Say Something; I Was Walking Down the Road; The Zoo at Night; Dogs in Space. We also read a variety of fairy tales, then read the “fractured fairy tale” versions in preparation for our field trip to see “The Stinky Cheese Man”. Next week we will start reading about cowboys, rodeos, and ranches to get ready for our field trip to Wicked ‘R ranch – so if anyone has any books at home about these subjects we’d love to read them!



*Field Trip forms and money for Wicked ‘R are due May 27th

*There is NOT an MOT PTO ice cream social tonight

*Field Trip to Arden Theatre – Wednesday, May 25th

*$3 for last day pizza lunch due May 27th

*The last day to return library books is June 3rd




May 12th, 2016



Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

SCIENCE: this week we finished our organisms unit. We said goodbye to our snails, guppies, pill bugs and millipedes today! Next week we will start our final science unit, solids and liquids.

MATH: this week we worked on spatial reasoning skills by using tangram shapes to compose a variety of shapes. We also reviewed place value with assorted games.

PHONICS: continuation of long “u” vowel patterns

GUIDED READING/WRITING: We continued using inferencing skills with the following books: Fireflies, Miss Maggie,  and The Royal Bee. We also read “How Trees Help” and practiced writing persuasive writing skills by writing “Plant a Tree!”




*No School tomorrow (5/13)

*Spring Fine Arts Night – May 19th



May 6, 2016


We had another busy, but great week!

*the book fair was a success! Thank you to volunteers and patrons for helping with this fun event, it helps add great books to our library and classroom collections

*First grade was very lucky the rain held off on our field trip to Lums Pond – we spent time collecting and observing insects in the pond and meadow

*NWEA testing is complete for first grade; thank you for investing time at home supporting your young learners so that together we could help them achieve their academic goals this year J

*We spent some time honoring our mothers for Mother’s Day by creating a book all about our moms….look for it in Friday folders


Here’s a look at some other activities this week:

PHONICS: continuation with long “u” vowels

MATH: general review of skills learned over the year

GUIDED READING/WRITING: we continued practicing our inferencing skills using the books Where are you going, Manyoni? and Creatures of the Earth, Sea, and Sky



*No School 5/13: Professional Development




Apr. 29, 2016


This afternoon we had fun watching the rest of the talent show and participating in a pep rally – first grade had lots of spirit! Here’s a look at some of our other activities this week:

PHONICS: long u and long o vowel patterns

MATH: we continued working with concepts of measurement and time.

SCIENCE: although it was sad to say goodbye to the chicks we hatched last week, we have enjoyed observing the organisms we have in the terrariums and aquariums we created this week.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: For Reader’s Workshop we practiced using the skill of inferencing. We also reinforced proper use of capitals and commas when writing.



*Book fair next week. Students can support our school book fair by making purchases anytime during the week

*Field Trip to Lum’s Pond on Wednesday, May 4th

*First grade NWEA math testing: May 5th

*Any Pants Day – May 6th

*Muffins with Mom – May 6th (7:30 – 8:30)


Apr. 22, 2016


We had such a busy week! Thank you to families who came out for Academic Night last night. Most of our activities centered around our organisms unit this week:                                                                                                         *we continued observing our plant growth                                                                   *today for Earth day we discussed the ways to keep our earth clean for everything living here. Our school also participated in a “brown out” to honor Earth day today.

*we observed our eggs hatching into chicks and completed lots of egg and chick-related activities, culminating with a birthday celebration for the chicks today


April 15, 2016



Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

SCIENCE: we continued learning about plant anatomy and observed the growth of the seeds we planted last week. We also learned some facts about frogs and toads. Next week will be very exciting – we will be hatching chicks!

PHONICS: vowel patterens of long a and long i. We also continued to practice spellings of plural nouns that end in –y (bunny vs. bunnies, for ex.)

MATH: we finished our math unit 5 and started math unit 4, which focuses on measurement and time. If you have a ruler at home, give your child household items to measure with it for practice J

GUIDED READING/WRITING: This week we continued reading from the Frog and Toad series. We wrote our own “Frog and Toad” stories using the writer’s process: brainstorming/planning, then drafting. Next week we will continue with the process of editing and illustrating. We plan to have them ready to showcase on Academic Night!



*Ice Cream Wednesday – 4/20

*Academic Night – 4/21,   6 – 7:30 (details to follow)



It sounds like everyone had a fun time during their spring break! We’ve been so busy this week – here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

PHONICS: words spelled with _y and _ie; identification of word families –aw, -ew, -out, and –old

MATH: this week we continued working with combinations; we also practiced adding two digit and three numbers.

SCIENCE: for our Organisms unit we started by learning about seeds and plant growth. We observed and planted pea, kidney bean, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: we read the following stories: How a Seed Grows; Green and Growing: A Book about Plants; Frog and Toad: In the Garden. We wrote about how a seed grows. We also learned about making contractions.



4/21: Academic Night (further information will follow next week)

*Even though the days are getting longer and (hopefully) warmer, please continue reading for 20 minutes daily. It is so important that children practice their reading skills at home. It might be a fun family activity to pack a blanket, grab a snack, and have reading time outside!



March 24, 2016

Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

PHONICS: vowel patterns of long “e”, especially y and –ie-

SCIENCE: we started our organisms unit this week. We each drew an organism and listed what we think it needs to live. Now that the weather is getting nice, your family might find some evidence of organisms that would be fun to share with the class!

MATH: we continued working with word problems this week.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: we wrote two different types of spring poems this week. For Reader’s Workshop we worked on the skill of determining importance when we read with a variety of books. After reading, we would distinguish between which information was the most important and which was just interesting information. We also practiced our inferencing skills with the book The Gardener.



*No School 3/25- 4/4

*Field Trip forms are coming home today for Arden Theatre. Permission slips and payment are due Wednesday, April 6th.

*Please have March reading logs filled out in agenda books when students return on April 5th.

*No homework assignments are being issued during this time off


*Have a wonderful spring break!*



March 18, 2016


We are sooo close to spring break! I can’t believe this year is flying by. Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

PHONICS: review of long o vowel patterns and long e vowel patterns

SOCIAL STUDIES: we continued learning about maps. Next week we will finish up our mapping unit then start our science unit about organisms.

MATH: we continued working with our math unit, which focuses on word problems. We used number bonds, number lines, pictures, and counting on strategies to help us find number relationships when we are solving them.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: this week we worked on the following skills: *identifying character traits using Skippyjon Jones books and Lily’s Big Day    *cause and effect    *finding the main idea   *capitalization   *using adjectives that compare (lovelier, loveliest, for ex.)




*Thank you to those that contributed to Mrs. Twitchell’s gift of condolences. First grade presented her with flowers and a generous contribution of money and gift cards.


*Multicultural Night – 3/22

*Ice Cream Wednesday – 3/23

*Spring break – 3/25 – 4/5

Mrs. Deputy’s First Grade




March 4, 2016


March definitely came in like a lion! (Let’s hope it goes out like a lamb) Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

MATH: we continued practicing making fractions by counting parts of a set. We also continued working with coin identification and counting money

PHONICS: we learned about the different vowel patterns of long “o” and long “u”.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: we the story Looking at Maps and Globes and the poem Classroom Globe. We also worked in small groups to read a variety of poems and locate the repetition and rhyme in them. In addition, after reading The Lorax we practiced persuasive writing by writing letters to the Once-ler from the story. We have been learning about the parts of a friendly letter so we practiced identifying the parts and using them to write our own letters.

READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY: For Dr. Seuss’ birthday we enjoyed lots of fun activities: *we read biographies about Dr. Seuss   *made a Lorax craft   *read lots of Seuss books in our pjs with our reading buddies *ate a special snack and watched some Seuss stories on videotape



*Reminder that we do have school on Friday, March 11th (school makeup day)

*3/22 MOT Multicultural Night



Feb. 19, 2016


Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

MATH: this week we continued to work with fractions. Next week we will take the Unit 3 assessment, which covers 2D/3D shapes and fractions. We also practiced adding sums + 10   (35 + 10, for example) and identifying and adding money. It would be great reinforcement if you could play the following games at home:

  1. Give your child a bag of random coins. Have them initially pull them out and identify the name/value of the coins. Next pull two coins out of the bag and add their values. When your child is proficient with two coins, start adding three/four/five or more coins
  2. Say a 2-digit number and have your child mentally add ten to it. Work up to adding 20, 30, 40, etc.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: In Reader’s Workshop we continued using questioning techniques before, during, and after reading with the stories The Special Trip and Skippyjon Jones.  We also practiced finding text evidence for questions with reading passages about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. We wrote about what it would be like to be the President – it is fun to see this job from a first grader’s perspective! In addition we discriminated between fact and opinion statements.  In phonics we did activities with words ending in –nk and –ng.



*2/24: Ice Cream Wednesday

*Next week in Social Studies we will be starting our unit about Maps. Feel free to send in maps from home for us to look at (road maps, maps from amusement parks, etc.) After we have looked at them we will return them, thanks!



Feb. 11, 2016


Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you to Mrs. Miller and parent helpers who helped us celebrate friendship at our Valentine’s party this afternoon. Here’s a look at some of this week’s other activities:

PHONICS: -ar words; words with –mb endings; wh- words  (note: some spelling words coming up may be repeats from previous lists, but sometimes we do this for reinforcement J)

GUIDED READING/WRITING: this week in Readers’ Workshop we practiced the strategy of questioning: we made questions before, during, and after reading to 1. give us a purpose for reading, 2. ask ourselves if we understand what we’ve read, and 3. see if we need or want to know more about what we’ve read.

MATH: we continued working with the fractions ½, 1/3, and ¼. We also practiced adding 10’s to 100.




*No school 2/12 and 2/15

*Wednesday, 2/17: MOT will be eating in our classrooms due to the Science fair being held in the multipurpose room. If possible, please have your student pack lunch this day to decrease disruptions to the Science fair, thanks!

*Friday, 2/19: in the morning our class will be having a Reading Marathon (see separate flyer for info.)




Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

MATH: we continued discussing 3D shapes and their attributes.

LANGUAGE ARTS: we continued our Cynthia Rylant author study by reading some books from her Poppleton series. In phonics we discussed words with ea used with a short “e” sound, like in the word bread. We also identified adjectives in phrases and added adjectives to sentences to make them more interesting. We talked about how adjectives are helpful to us when writing to help our readers visualize what we’re writing about.

SCIENCE: This week we had Amelia’s dad, Mr. Harjianto, come to talk to us about different types of engineering and his job as a civil engineer. We also observed a variety of machines (egg beater, can opener, mechanical pencil and glue stick) and identified where we put energy into it and what the resulting motion would be.



*please don’t forget to send your child with a morning snack daily, thanks!

*Any pants day, 2/5

*The 100th day of school will be Thursday, 2/4. We would like some items to group, count, and eat for a special snack that day! If you could send in a box/bag of any of the following by Tuesday, 2/3, we would appreciate it!

**cheerios **fruit loops **pretzel sticks (small) **goldfish**cheez-its


Jan. 22, 2016


Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

HANDWRITING: we sent our Zaner-Bloser handwriting books home last week. Our handwriting practice now will consist of a variety of content-related sheets but they won’t be completed daily. Please work with your child at home to reinforce good handwriting practices: starting letters from top to bottom and remembering that neatness is important! J

MATH: this week we learned about 3D shapes vs. 2D shapes. We also started practicing our doubles facts.

LANGUAGE ARTS: we finished our Unit 2 and will be starting Unit 3 next week. Your student should be proficiently reading and writing words with silent –e at the end of them. If you feel your child still needs more practice, you can use www.starfall.com and find the long vowel activities to read and listen to for reinforcement.

SCIENCE: we continued activities in our Catching the Wind engineering kit.



*We are still looking for volunteers to help on Engineering Days. If you haven’t offered to volunteer yet at school this year, this is a great opportunity to help out as a facilitator for our young engineers! (see last week’s flyer for info.)

*Ice Cream Wed. – 1/27

*If you didn’t turn in your child’s signed progress report envelope yet, please return it next week, thanks!


Jan. 8, 2015


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had some time to relax. Our classroom appreciated the donations of snacks for Cozy Up and Read Day on Dec. 22nd! Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:

HANDWRITING: continuing to practice x, k, and z

MATH: we decomposed shapes (a rhombus is made up of 2 triangles, for ex.) and also used shapes to compose new ones (for ex., two trapezoids can make a hexagon). We also used shape design templates to find multiple ways to create the same picture.

LANGUAGE ARTS: we continued working with long voweled words with –e at the end. We wrote steps for making a snowman and also continued learning about vowels by discriminating between common and proper nouns.


SCIENCE: this week we introduced our second science kits entitled Catching the Wind, a unit about mechanical engineering. We discussed the terms engineer and technology.



*Jan. 15th – Donuts with Dad

*No School 1/18 (Martin Luther King, Jr. day)

* Jan. 22nd – Family Movie Night at Westown (see January PTO newsletter for info.)


Dec. 11, 2015


Thanks to Mrs. Joshua, who came to our class to give us a presentation about Hanukkah. It was fun – and delicious! It was neat to see everyone having so much fun in their festive attire last night at Winter Fine Arts Night – great job! Here’s a look at some of our other activities this week:

HANDWRITING: r/n/m/h review; V/v; Y/y; rhyming words

MATH: this week we continued talking about shape attributes. We also worked with making addition combinations to ten with two and three addends, practice with missing addends, and also reinforced solving word problems.

LANGUAGE ARTS: In phonics we continued decoding long vowels with ‘e’ at the end of the word. For Reader’s Workshop we practiced making text-text connections with the following books: The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Cowboy, Gingerbread Pirates, and The Gingerbread Kid goes to School. We also wrote winter acrostic poems.




*PTO Santa Breakfast – 12/12

*Don’t forget to send in canned goods/nonperishables for the Student Council drive!

*Ice Cream Wednesday – 12/16

December 4th, 2015 Week in Review

Monday is a “C” Day

Click this link to see this week’s school events

Welcome to our Class Notes page!  We will use this page to highlight activities and events in our classroom.  I will continue to send home the hard copy of our more detailed weekly newsletter in your child’s folder each Friday.



Dec. 4, 2015

Thank you for taking time to meet with me during Parent Conferences last week. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving vacation! Our classroom is full of students that are very excited for December and the joys this month brings. Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:


MATH: this week we started Unit 3: understanding shapes and fractions. Parent information and Common Core alignment went home in agendas about this unit earlier in the week. We started the unit by talking about how and where we find shapes in our world. We were introduced to the term polygon (a closed shape with 3 or more straight sides) and attribute (a characteristic used to describe a shape). We sorted shapes by attribute and made paper gingerbread houses using shapes.

GUIDED READING/WRITING: this week we began working on long vowels: we reinforced “ee” words and learned about words with a magic “e” on the end and how that turns short vowel words into long vowels (can into cane, for ex.) We practiced these words with the stories Gran’s Trips, The Pet, and Wong from Hong Kong.

These stories also came home as optional practice pages in agendas this week; if your child chooses to reread them at home, don’t forget to count them as part of the nightly reading! They are great reinforcement of the skills we have recently been working on. For Reader’s Workshop we introduced the skill of making text connections. We made text-self connections using Cynthia Rylant’s book entitled The Relatives Came. We read several other Cynthia Rylant books as well because we will be doing an author study of her in the upcoming months. Next week we will be making text-text connections with gingerbread stories, so if anyone has any gingerbread books at home we’d love to share them!


*12/10- Winter Fine Arts Night in the K-8 Academy Gym

*12/12- PTO Breakfast with Santa – tickets can be purchased online by visiting the PTO Store

OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – Nov. 20, 2015

Here’s a look at some of this activities:

MATH: this week we continued working with place value and comparing numbers. We also practice identifying “friendly numbers” – numbers that make sums of ten. Knowing these number combinations are a helpful strategy for addition. We will begin math unit 3 after the Thanksgiving break, which will focus on understanding

LANGUAGE ARTS/SOCIAL STUDIES: we read Samuel Eaton’s Day and compared his daily life to ours. We also read and learned about the first Thanksgiving and how it is similar and different from how we celebrate Thanksgiving today. On Thursday we went to the library for a special Thanksgiving story time – thank you, Mrs. Melznick! On Friday we had special activities and snacks to celebrate this


*conferences Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 23 & 24. I will have a bin of classroom lost/found items in the hallway during this time, please check it to see if anything

*please have the agenda calendar updated with November reading logs, thank you

*no school next week – enjoy your time with family and friends!

OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – November 13, 2015

Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:


MATH: this week we reviewed some of the skills we’ve been working on so far this year and completed some assessments for the upcoming report card.

LANGUAGE ARTS/SOCIAL STUDIES: this week we learned about Veterans’ Day. MSgt. Tom Morris, Mrs. Hoskins’ dad, visited first grade to tell us about his adventures as a green beret in the Army. We also started learning about what life was like when the Pilgrims landed in America. We read Sarah Morton’s Day and compared/contrasted her life to our lives today. We also made words using -ing.


*First Trimester ends today (11/13/15)

*No School 11/23-27

OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – Nov. 6, 2015

Here’s a look at some of this week’s activities:


MATH: this week we continued building number sense with a variety of games and activities designed to show relationships between numbers that are much larger than, much smaller than, or close to one another.

LANGUAGE ARTS/SOCIAL STUDIES: for the month of November we will frequently integrate Social Studies with guided reading activities by studying the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. This week we learned about why the Pilgrims decided to move to America and what life was like on board the Mayflower. We also learned about schema, which is background knowledge that grows and changes with experiences. We also reviewed author’s purpose (to inform, to entertain, or to persuade) and practiced persuasive writing: we pretended to be scarecrows and wrote to the local farmer, persuading him to hire us to work in his field!


*please keep homework at home until completed and then turn it in altogether in the agenda sleeve, thank you

*No school – Nov. 11th (Veterans’ Day)

*If you haven’t turned in your green fun folder/book from the library, please return by Tuesday. We will be picking new books that day[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Related Arts Rotation

  • A Day – PE
  • B Day – Music
  • C Day – Art
  • D Day – Technology
  • E Day – Wellness
  • F Day – Spanish

Thank you for remembering to please

  • Label your child’s sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Send a snack each day and to label your child’s snack
  • Sign your child’s communication log each day

Peanut-Free Birthday Treats

  • Fruit
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
  • Juice popsicles
  • Prepackaged Rice Krispie Treats
  • Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Pop Tarts (any flavor but peanut butter)
  • Dannon Gogurt
  • Original Chips Ahoy (blue package)
  • Oreos (regular and Golden)
  • Pretzel Boys soft pretzels

Thank you for bringing birthday treats only from this list.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Spelling words this week: we have completed spelling words for the year.