Remote Learning Assignments for students should be accessed via Schoology

If you are unable to access your Schoology course or have any questions/concerns, please EMAIL:



All content delivered through the remote learning environment remains the property of MOT Charter School

and may not be altered, shared, or used in any way without prior written permission from MOT Charter School.


During remote learning, students are expected to participate in online class meetings and independent work.  All assignments and meetings will be posted in Schoology. Breaks will be built into the virtual school day. These breaks may occur outside of the designated time; teachers will take into account the developmental needs of their students. 

(click image below for printable schedule)


We all have many new things to learn, but we are here to help! Please read through these important materials and let us know if you still have questions (our emails are listed above)

ClassLink User Guide

ClassLink gives you instant access to the resources that have been provided for you by MOT Charter School with Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities. Students can quickly launch Schoology, Home Access and other tools from the ClassLink LaunchPad.

Home Access Center (HAC) User Guide

Home Access Center (HAC) is a valuable resource for Parents and provides information about student records including Grades, Attendance, and Transportation and Registration information

Schoology User Guide

Schoology is an online learning platform. Students access classes, receive & submit assignments and communications through Schoology. Parents/Guardians have view-only access to courses, assignments, assignment calendar and will receive communications through this system. Grades are viewable on Schoology for our high school students only.

Schoology for Parents

Parents are highly encouraged to set Notifications in Schoology to help ensure all pertinent information is sent to you via email. Notifications can allow you to receive a daily summary which includes class work and school/teacher communications. Please CLICK HERE to learn how to setup.

Remote Attendance Addedum

MOT Charter School families are requested to read the addendum to our attendance policy (posted at link above) which applies while MOT Charter is operating in the remote and hybrid instructional models. All other attendance practices and policies as outlined in the family handbook remain in effect.

Remote Food Service

MOT Charter School has been granted a waiver allowing us to distribute meals to students on school attendance days, even while in a remote or hybrid instruction model. Please check your weekly email where will provide a unique link to a pre-order system.


Parents can find information on our return to school plans below:

Kindergarten meeting

4th & 5th Grades meeting

Middle School meeting

2nd & 3rd Grades meeting

Return to School PowerPoints

Dear MOT Families, we all need to continue the basic daily protective measures:

• Handwashing for 20 seconds with soap and water, or use of alcohol based hand sanitizer if soap is not available.

– Practice 20-second handwashing at home to demonstrate the time it takes to clean hands
– Stress the importatnce of washing hands before & after meals, blowing nose, touching face, etc.

• Stay home if you are sick
• Cover your cough or sneeze
• Get the influenza vaccine every year.

TRAVEL ADVISORIES, If you are planning a trip abroad, be sure to check the Department of State’s travel advisories for your intended destination.  You can see the world at a glance on their color-coded map.

Another key source of information are the Travel Health Notices from the CDC.  If you will be visiting a location with a coronavirus risk assessment that is at Level 2 or Level 3, a 14-day self-monitoring period may be requir3ed before returning to school.  For more information on coronavirus risk assessment levels and travel restrictions, go to the CDC’s 2019 Information for Travel.

CORONAVIRUS CALL CENTER IN DELAWARE.  The Call Center operates from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Monday through Friday.  The toll-free number is 1-866-408-1899, or you can email questions to  Questions from the members of the public schools, medical providers, state agencies, community organizations, and more are welcome.

In closing, we’d like to thank you for your support.  Our goal, as always, is to keep children healthy and ready to learn! The MOT Charter School Nurses.

Good Health and Hand Washing

Covering Cough & Sneeze (a kids way)

How to talk to kids about the Coronavirus


Information is rapidly changing about this virus—to have the most correct information stay informed by accessing

Click below for resources to support children's emotional well being