Dr. Priester completed her doctoral program in curriculum and instruction in February 2020. Dr. Priester obtained her bachelor degree in elementary education and special education as well as her master’s degree in gifted and talented instruction from Wilmington University.

With her doctorate, she plans to teach online or evening college courses in the near future to help those who have a desire, like she did, to work towards graduate level degrees.  Dr. Priester sees herself in the classroom for quite some time as this is her passion.

Dr. Priester started with MOT Charter School in 2012 and teaches 6th grade science and language arts. Dr. Priester also creates the K-8 Academy yearbook and is the Science Olympiad coach for the middle school team and co-coach for the elementary team. In her spare time, which she anticipates having a lot more of now, she enjoys reading, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with her husband and pets.