Kandis Lebron

31 Jan, 2020
Ms. Lebron specialization is Trauma Informed/Crisis Counseling. She brings experience as a Social Worker, Program Director, School Counselor and Family Service worker. Email: Kandis.Lebron@mot.k12.de.us

Jennifer Marsh

26 Jan, 2020
Email: Jennifer.Marsh@mot.k12.de.us

Pam Sullivan

20 Oct, 2019
Email: Pam.Sullivan@mot.k12.de.us
Email: Mackenzie.Shane@mot.k12.de.us

Jamie McNatt

27 Sep, 2018
Email: Jamie.McNatt@mot.k12.de.us

Emily Bush

25 Sep, 2018
Email: Emily.Bush@mot.k12.de.us

Gloria Boots

2 Aug, 2018
Email: Gloria.Boots@mot.k12.de.us

Ellen Greene

21 Oct, 2017
Email: Ellen.Greene@mot.k12.de.us
Email: Jenna.Camponelli@mot.k12.de.us Mrs. Camponelli joined MOT Charter after teaching both general education and special education for 11 years.  She earned her BS in Elementary Education at UD and her Master’s from Wilmington ...
EMAIL: Eric.Walter@mot.k12.de.us Mr. Eric Walter joins MOT Charter High School after holding various teaching positions, as well as serving as an Interim Assistant Principal in the Lake Forest School District. Mr. Walter ...

Jane Baylor

13 Oct, 2016

John Goodman

13 Oct, 2016