Kandis Lebron

31 Jan, 2020
Ms. Lebron specialization is Trauma Informed/Crisis Counseling. She brings experience as a Social Worker, Program Director, School Counselor and Family Service worker. Email: Kandis.Lebron@mot.k12.de.us

Jennifer Marsh

26 Jan, 2020
Email: Jennifer.Marsh@mot.k12.de.us

Eric Epstein

26 Jan, 2020
Email: Eric.Epstein@mot.k12.de.us

Pam Sullivan

20 Oct, 2019
Email: Pam.Sullivan@mot.k12.de.us

Aisha Elliott

28 Aug, 2019
Email: Aisha.Elliott@mot.k12.de.us
Email: Faye.Schilling@mot.k12.de.us Dr. Schilling earned her Doctorate of Education Administration and Superintendent Licensure from Holy Family University as well as her M.A. in Education from Arcadia University, her M.Ed in Educational Leadership ...
Email: Mackenzie.Shane@mot.k12.de.us

Kurt Browning

28 Aug, 2019
Email: Kurt.Browning@mot.k12.de.us

Ashley Torres

28 Aug, 2019
Email: Ashley.Torres@mot.k12.de.us
Email: Samantha.Kasehagen@mot.k12.de.us
Email: Nicholas.Scarpone@mot.k12.de.us

Gina Grangel

28 Aug, 2019
Email: Gina.Grangel@mot.k12.de.us

Rachel Hoke

28 Aug, 2019
Email: Rachel.Hoke@mot.k12.de.us